Tengson Management Group
Project, Contract & Construction Management Consultants
In association with G.T. Associates (U.K.)
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TENGSON MANAGEMENT GROUP provides a comprehensive package of services, each of which can be refined to accommodate the specific requirements of our clients. Services include:


  • Contract Current Status Reporting

  • Control Systems and Procedures

  • Analysis of Contracts (International and Local)

  • Risk Assessment and Analysis & Project Evaluation

  • Contract Administration and Financial Reporting

  • Assistance in the preparation of Tenders

  • Construction Measurement and Account Preparation

  • Project Feasibility Studies

  • Project Cost Reports (Cost Value Reconciliation)

  • Subcontract & Supplier Procurement

  • Quantity Surveying Services (Pre and Post Contract)

  • Cost-Value Engineering

  • Contract & Construction Management including, Quality Assurance Management, Quality Control, Project Planning & Scheduling, Budget Control etc.

  • Leadership in Contract Negotiation

  • Problem Elimination and Resolution Strategy

  • Claims, Cross-Claims and Counterclaims

  • Arbitration Presentation of Case or Defense.  Expert witness statements



  • Planning and Scheduling (using latest scheduling software)

  • Project Co-ordination

  • Control of Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers

  • Site Management

  • QA/QC Management

  • Liaison with Client, Consultants and Statutory Bodies

  • Drawing Issue, Registers and Controls

  • Project Progress Reports and Meetings

  • Resolution of Delays and Disputes

            With a staff of more than 50 professionals together with administrative and support staff, we can respond to any of our clients needs and requirements. We are constantly recruiting new talent to enhance and extend our services.



From our past experiences, the TENGSON MANAGEMENT GROUP works on the premise that our clients do not always wish to pay set fees for specific services. We are always committed to giving the best value from our services and do not give in to the notion that hourly or daily fees should be for a time related service. In the construction & development industry, we are quite often called upon to meet deadlines and targets where normal working hours are not applicable. Similarly we do not just supply staff, all our operations are run on the basis of a coordinated service to our clients, not to just second our professional staff.

Therefore, TENGSON’S fee structure is flexible and in every case would be based upon our client’s requirements. Whether that be for a minor commercial or contractual report, or for a major project involving continuing commercial and contract administration.

There are numerous basic fee structures that the TENGSON MANAGEMENT GROUP offers, although other types would be considered if requested by our clients. 

  1. Fixed Hourly rates for all staff.

  2. Fixed Daily rates for all staff.

  3. Fixed Monthly rates for all our staff.

  4. Reduced Daily or Monthly rates plus a negotiated percentage of any additional income generated by TENGSON for our clients.

  5. Monthly Retainer fees or Monthly Fees for seconded staff.

  6. Fixed percentage fee of Project Value.

  7. Lump Sum fees based upon staff requirements and project duration.

(All the above fee structures normally exclude expenses, disbursements etc., and any applicable Government taxes such as Withholding Tax, VAT or Service Tax)

In this way TENGSON believes that our clients have more flexibility to work within budgets and have more interest in the work undertaken.